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Privacy and Security of Your Personal Information

Abiyefon demands some of personal information such as (name, age, e-mail, etc.) in order to provide better service to its customers.This information is collected from you, periodic campaigns, be constructed of special promotional activities related to customer profiles and unsolicited e-mail that customers not be forwarded for the "classification" is used only within Abiyefon’s control. The information you have entered to be member of our site, definitely will not be shared with any people. Our website offers  to their clients and members information about new products, campaing and promotional information in some periods.Whether our members can choose to receive all kinds of information like this, while they are membering after that they can change after making the entry  members of the account information section. Only you can access and you can change the information you provided while you are membering. If you protect your access information in secure, it is not possible to access and change others that information about you.